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The Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts/Literacy and Mathematics are here! 

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These *NEW* standards will ensure consistency across 40+ states about what students are expected to know, understand and do. The Vermont Grade Expectations for Reading, Writing and Mathematics will no longer be assessed after November 1, 2013. 
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claims finalPhyllis Schlafly's Claims vs. Fact: Setting the Record Straight on Common Core State Standards

There are a variety of inaccurate claims currently being circulated regarding the Common Core State Standards. This is a link to a point-by-point look at claims versus facts in response to an opinion piece by Phyllis Schlafly.

Common Core State Standards VE Groups
Primary Mathematics (pK-2)
Elementary Mathematics (3-5)
Middle Level Mathematics (6-8)
High School Mathematics (9-12)
Professional Learning for Mathematics Educators
Mathematics Materials and Curriculum

English Language Arts / Literacy 

Short Focused Research Projects(K-5)

Short Focused Research Projects(6-12)

CC Webinars

ASCD Common Core Webinar Series

ASCD is providing the field with a series of webinars that can be used to inform the Common Core implementation process. Information about this series is available at:

National PTA Parents Guide to Student Success

Description: website by the PTA provides PDF files by grade level as a communication tool for Parents about the Common Core State Standards.  It identifies grade level areas of instructional focus as well as games or questions that parents can ask students to support their learning.