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Questions and Contacts

Contact the AOE IT Helpdesk for Technical Assistance

The IT Helpdesk is part of the Data Management and Analysis Team (DMAT).

Example questions:

  • • Why won’t my Child Count Access Application open?
  • • Why doesn’t this report work?
  • • How do I submit my data?
  • • What is my secure file transfer password?

Phone: (802) 479-1044

Contact Lucinda Morabito for Reporting Questions

Example questions:

  • • What educational environment/placement should this student be reported with?
  • • Should this student be included?
  • • What exit reason should I use?
  • • How do I fix this error on my Error Report?

Also please notify Lucinda Morabito about Child Count Coordinator staffing changes.


Phone: (802) 479-1208

Note: If you’re not sure who to call with your question, choose whoever seems most likely to be able to help you. We can always transfer you to the person who can best help you, if needed.