Content Dollar Bank (Free Virtual Field Trips!)

To facilitate schools in accessing learning opportunities via video conferencing, the Learning Network of Vermont banks funds with the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration (CILC).  These funds are accessible to schools either on or neighbored to the LNV system, and allows them to access fee-based content from a variety of providers, including NASA, Smithsonian Museums, Baseball Hall of Fame, Library of Congress, Mote Marine Laboratory, Manhattan School of Music, Cincinnati Art Museum and many more.  



What kinds of virtual field trips does CILC have to offer?

To find out go to, then click on the "Content Provider Programs" button on the CILC home page. You can then search by key word (ex: "Civil War" or "Human Body) to find programs for your classroom. You can also see the front page of this wiki to get an idea about the upcoming virtual field trips that Vermont teachers have signed up for.


What other videoconferencing opportunities can I find on the CILC web site?

CILC also acts as a clearinghouse for collaborations with other classes around the United States and world and teacher professional development opportunities via videoconferencing.

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I've found a virtual field do I sign up for it?

Click here for a guide on how to book programs so that they are charged to the LNV Content Dollar Bank.



One important thing to keep in mind when scheduling a virtual field trip is TIME ZONES!! Remember that some of the content providers might be in another time zone. Here is a handy time zone chart to help you figure out what time it is where (thanks, Dave Davidson!).