Scopia Desktop

What Can Scopia Desktop Do?



Scopia Desktop is a web browser-based software that allows users to share a desktop screen to remote locations and/or connect webcams to each other and/or LNV meetings.


In Vermont, Scopia Desktop is one piece of the Learning Network of Vermont video conferencing system (LNV).


Scopia Desktop includes features that are similar to other webcam chatting products (e.g., Skype, Google Video Chat, etc.) In addition, Scopia includes:

·  Text chat (e.g., participants can text questions during meetings)

·  Ability for users to share desktops

·  Allows for multiple video connections

·  Can be used to conduct webinars

·  Meetings/presentations/webinars can be recorded and played back

Scopia Basics

How can Scopia Desktop connect people?

·  Can be used to bring webcams into conferences/meetings with LNV cameras. (e.g., if you are broadcasting something over the LNV, a person without an LNV can access this same event through Scopia Desktop)

·  Can be used to share content out to LNV cameras and Scopia Desktop webcam participants. (e.g., presentations, documents, etc.)

·  Can be used in meeting with other Scopia Desktop connections and no LNV cameras. (e.g., if you want to meet with a group of people without the LNV, you can do this with Scopia. Any participant in the meeting can request to be a presenter, and then present his/her matierial)



To download Scopia Desktop, go to:


To access Scopia Desktop, go to:


PLEASE NOTE: Scopia desktop works best when Internet Explorer is used.

To join a meeting in Scopia Desktop:

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